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About us
Company «BS Solution» LLC young, but quickly developing international company in the market of transportations. The company consists of the basic office in the city of Kiev (Ukraine), and representations in the city of Berlin (Germany).

All workers of the company have a minimum a 5-year-old operational experience in the market of the international transportations that is pledge of a professional solution of any problems in logistics sphere.

High level of ambitions and the accurate organisation of activity allows to work as «BS Solution» LLC in any conditions, and to offer the most flexible decisions of any problems of the goods connected with delivery.

The branched out network of partners allows to solve questions of any complexity with transportations of any cargoes on all directions, without dependence from a type of transport.

Our basic directions of work are:

1.    Multimodal transportations from Europe in the countries of the former USSR and the CIS with overloads, both on territory of the countries of EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY, and on reloading terminals of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and the countries of Baltic region;
2.    Automobile and rail transportation in all directions, any cargoes. We have a wide experience of transportations of various building materials (including non-standard pallets MDF, HDF), dangerous cargoes, the various wheel and caterpillar mechanics, as dimensional and not dimensional, the equipment, a foodstuff, and also the goods with demanding a temperature mode;
3.    Warehousing, storage, customs-broker services in many countries of EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY, Ukraine and other countries. Constantly working warehouses both our terminals and our partners are in Czech, Italy, Slovenia, Poland that allows to make overloads and consolidation of any degrees of complexity from transport any kinds in any other types of transport;

One of the basic rule of our company – to provide to the client maximum, including psychological comfort that favourably distinguishes our company from others, working on the given market.

Our partners already steels Coca-Cola HBC, Express Italy (Italy), Joint-Stock Company "Лугцентрокуз" (Ukraine), Open Company «RV Trance» (Armenia), Argo Slovakia s.r.l (Slovakia), «Translend» АD (Bulgaria), Fersped d.d. (Slovenia), Open Society "Закарпатинтерпорт" (Ukraine), Open Company "MG-TRANCE" (Ukraine), Transservis Modul s.a. (Moldova), Open Company «Zeppelin Ukraine» (Ukraine), Open Company «Х+Х Ukraine» (Ukraine), Open Company "Витимпекс" (Ukraine) and many other company.